March 25, 2021

Why push-to-talk-over-cellular is recommended in hazardous areas

With the latest products, the intrinsically safe 4G / LTE-capable Android smartphone Sonim XP8. Storm enables a variety of well tested devices that allow our platform for use in hazardous areas. Push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) provides several key benefits to companies and workers in hazardous work environments around the world.


Secure and fast communications at any time, in any place
Storms communication platform supports 1-1 calls, group calls, messages, and further additional safety features.  As Land Mobile Radio communication is limited to a specific areas. Push-to-talk-over-cellular uses LTE, 4G and Wi-Fi network coverage to extend into more hazardous areas. Push-to-talk is gaining momentum as a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to existing LMR radios.


Reduced costs and increased productivity
With push-to-talk-over-cellular, remote workers only need to carry one device, reducing the need to carry a handheld radio as well as an explosion proof mobile. An all-in-one solution not only reduces business hardware costs but also increases the efficiency and safety of operatives in the field.


Providing more functionality to the user
Push-to-talk-over-cellular extends communications beyond the single function of voice to include emergency SOS alerts, tracking, man down, data and video connectivity with a central command console.


Improving the overall safety of operations
PoC enables users to access a wide range of accessories like intrinsically safe hearing protection headsets for a clear communication. Each device has capabilities to automatically trigger an emergency alarm in the event of a man down situation whereby the user is unable to physically press the SOS key. Upon this trigger, the central command console can instantly locate the user, having the ability to communicate with the individual on an open line of communication. All communication can be recorded and used upon further investigation.


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