February 6, 2024

Benefits of push-to-talk hire: Enhancing communication in every setting

Every organisation has different and dynamic business needs. This is why we aim to make our push-to-talk (PTT) solution as flexible as possible. One of the ways that we do this is by offering push-to-talk device hire.

In this blog, we explore the benefits of opting for push-to-talk hire, focusing on its cost-effectiveness, scalability, quick set-up, versatility, maintenance advantages and the access it provides to the latest technology.

Cost-effective communication

The financial commitment of purchasing and maintaining PTT radios is an unnecessary expense if it is only required sporadically. In this instance, push-to-talk hire provides a perfect cost-effective solution. It enables businesses to allocate resources efficiently and avoid unnecessary expenses.


For businesses with fluctuating communication needs, hiring push-to-talk devices provides a flexible and scalable solution. During peak seasons or events, additional devices can be rented easily, and then returned once the heightened demand subsides. This scalability ensures optimal resource allocation without unnecessary long-term investments.

Quick set-up

Device rental is hassle-free and convenient. Storm handles device set-up and configuration, providing businesses with instant access to the push-to- talk application when they arrive at work. This streamlined process minimises downtime and ensures that teams can start communicating instantly and effectively.

Versatility in various settings

Push-to-talk devices offer versatile communication solutions suitable for a wide range of industry sectors, including road construction, educational establishments, live events, festivals, security operations and more.

The adaptability of PTT devices enables users of the technology to access a host of features, including push to talk, message, alert, locate, record, SOS and more on a single device – making them an ideal choice for businesses with diverse communication needs.

Maintenance-free operation

All rented radios undergo thorough quality checks and servicing before deployment. This eliminates the burden of maintenance fees for businesses, ensuring that the communication equipment is always in optimal condition.

By choosing push-to-talk hire, businesses can focus on their operations without worrying about the upkeep of communication devices.

Access to the latest technology

Storm’s push-to-talk hire service provides businesses with on-going access to the latest and most advanced communication technology without the costs associated with purchasing it.

Overcoming communication challenges at events

At live events, push-to-talk devices address several challenges associated with alternative communication methods, including mobile phones and legacy two-way radios. Issues such as limited cellular coverage, noise pollution, security concerns, and limited battery life can hinder effective communication on a mobile phone. Push-to-talk devices, equipped with multi-SIM cards provide clear, static-free audio, overcoming these challenges and ensuring reliable communication.


In conclusion, the benefits of hiring push-to-talk devices extend beyond cost-effectiveness. As well as providing access to cutting-edge technology, the flexibility, scalability, quick set-up, versatility and maintenance advantages, make push-to-talk hire an ideal solution for businesses across various industry sectors.

Whether organising and supervising live events, managing construction projects or communicating  in educational settings, Storm’s push-to-talk hire service provides a reliable and efficient means of communication.

From cutting-edge technology to reliable devices, our expertise in providing top-quality PTT technology is second to none. Everything is included in the hire package and our team are on hand to offer guidance on the best push-to-talk solution for your requirements.

Consider push-to-talk hire for your next event or project and experience the difference in communication excellence.

If you’d like to know more about Storm’s push-to-talk (PTT) hire, please get in touch at hello@storm.co.uk

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