World-class lone worker solutions from Storm

Increase the safety and wellbeing of your lone workers and remote workforce 24/7, wherever they are in the world.

Our lone worker solution is a complete safety solution for employees who operate in remote or hazardous areas or who work alone. It can be used across a range of industry sectors and includes live location trackingman down alerting (automatic alarm based on fall/strike), keep alive check-in and SOS alerting.

Lone worker can help to prevent accidents and injuries, and send assistance quickly in the event of an emergency.  As soon as the emergency SOS button is pressed, an alert is sent to the control room to enable help to be sent.

Events associated with an emergency incident are automatically recorded and can be used in debriefing sessions.

Benefits and Features of Storm's Lone worker solution


  • Helps to keep lone workers and remote workforces safe
  • Faster response times in the event of an emergency
  • Creates peace of mind for both employees and employers.
  • Improves compliance and enables reporting


  • Location tracking
  • Push-to-alert
  • SOS emergency alert
  • Device inactivity monitoring
  • Alarm “keep alive” checking
  • Detection of falls, impacts, still position
  • Automatic events recording

Case study: Read how Storm has equipped demolition company, Hookstone Group with instant voice and man down technology to increase the safety of lone workers.

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