February 15, 2021

4 Communication Challenges Overcome by STORM Push-to-Talk Radios

Communication is absolutely critical for any business. The ability to quickly and effectively communicate with operatives out in the field, in the office or across the world is key to running a business efficiently.

Push-to-talk services can be instrumental in helping businesses, like yours, overcome traditional communications challenges, such as these listed below:


Expensive Start-up Costs
The beauty of our platform is the flexibility in which our solution can be delivered. There’s no need for infrastructure investment. There’s no need to invest in repeaters, cabling or expensive equipment. Storm’s communication platform is fully compatible with Android or iOS mobile devices, making it a cost effective solution with only a licence fee as a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. With that in mind, we also offer affordable rugged handhelds making it another reasonable solution for those in more damaging situations.

Interference and Range Challenges
Traditional two-way radios have tendencies to lose signal as they operate within a certain range. These radios function on short licensed frequencies which limits them to a range of effective communication and even then, only if they were in areas with little interface blocking any signal. Push-over-Cellular communication operates via 3G, 4G, 5G LTE and wireless connectivity. This allows you to communication nationwide in an instant with very little interface.

Difficulty Learning New Technology
Storms platform is convenient and very user friendly making it accessible for those less technically minded. Our platform is built making it simple and easy to use for any industry and role within any organisation. When you purchase the PoC Radio or install our app on your smartphone, we can set up the groups and contacts for you, so you only need to push a button to speak within your groups.

Difficulty Determining Position
One of the major drawbacks of your standard two way radios is the inability to track and locate members of your team instantly via access of a command console. The GPS locating abilities of Storm’s command console eliminates any challenges faced when locating an operative out in the field.


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