April 8, 2021

MDC2000 Command Console features

Managing a remote workforce’s mission-critical and day-to-day operations relies on communication lines that are always open and available. It requires robust and dependable technology to support and secure remote workers. From managing a fleet of vehicles to engineers working in remote, isolated conditions,

Storm improves communication and coordination while increasing safety. The Command Console provides controllers with wide-range functionality that enables individual and group communications, emergency (SOS) assistance, location monitoring and much more.


Main Features


• Intuitive & user-friendly interface

• Push-to-talk: Instant 1-to-1 or group calls with up to 16 simultaneous radio channels

• Push-to-message: Secured text & media messaging

• Location: Live location tracking and location history retrieval

• SOS Alert: Emergency calls with stealth listening; incident flow management

• Live and history location tracking of users via interactive map

• End to End encryption and secured authentication for confidentiality

• Each console can monitor of up to with 3000 users in several groups of up to 750 members each

• Emergency assistance, ambient listening, reports and alerts

• Map based geo-fencing, alerts and reports available upon users entering or exiting an area

• Total control of devices: Lock or Unlock PTT and kiosk mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume, battery status, device and network details

• Audio recordings of incoming and outgoing calls

• Support of wide variety of accessories: footswitches, desktop RSMs and headsets, “Gooseneck” microphones etc.




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