August 19, 2022

Six reasons push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) is a must for your workplace

Communication is essential across every industry sector. For lone workers, remote workers and workforces spread over different sites, reliable, efficient communication is a must. Push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) connects employees at the push of a button, wherever they are in the world. Using a mobile phone or rugged device, push-to-talk improves communication between employees, enhancing productivity, reducing communication costs and increasing worker safety.


So, what are the top benefits of push-to-talk?


  1. Instant, real time communication – For field or lone workers, communication is vital. Push-to-talk (PTT) connects employees at the push of a button on a mobile device, eliminating delays with missed calls. This saves time, improves productivity and increases safety as assistance can be delivered in real-time.
  2. Group communication – In addition to enabling calls between individuals, push-to-talk also enables communication between groups of up to 750 people, meaning communicating with large teams has never been easier. Contacts can be stored in groups to make it easy for users to contact all the necessary people at once.Push-to-talk also enables users to see the presence of other users, meaning it’s easy to know when others are available and preventing users from wasting time trying to contact people who aren’t available.
  3. Safety – Hands free functionality means employees can communicate with others whilst they are working, including when operating heavy machinery. SOS alerts enhance the safety of lone workers as help can be delivered instantaneously.
  1. Cost control – Being able to connect to multiple workers at once helps reduce call costs. In addition, with push-to-talk, users can use virtually any device. If a workforce already has a mobile phone, there’s no need to buy additional devices. All push-to-talk enabled devices are compatible with each other and workers can also use them to complete other tasks, including sending images, videos and e-mail reports.Alternatively, where working conditions are harsher (for example, extreme temperatures, dirt, water, dust), businesses can choose to use more durable rugged devices to minimise instances of potentially costly damage.Push-to-talk can also save your workforce time because time per call is drastically reduced compared to a standard call. What’s more, call costs associated with large numbers of calls and international dial charges are removed.
  1. Worldwide coverage – Push-to-talk connects users wherever they are in the world, even in remote locations where mobile phone signal is limited. Thanks to their superior sound quality, and with features that remove background noise, calls have never been clearer.
  2. Reliable transmission – Radio signals are consistent and reliable. No dropped calls, delayed messages, or waiting for connections. With PTT, you simply push a button and your message is immediately received.

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