August 2, 2022

Workforce technology can prevent tragedy in the workplace

Any work-related fatality is a tragedy, as countless grieving families and friends can testify. That the waste and recycling sector has the highest rate of deaths in the workplace has to be a cause for concern. At Storm, we are committed to doing everything we can to help site managers reduce the risk of accidents and prevent any more suffering.


Published in July, the Health and Safety Executive’s latest statistics show a total of 123 workers were killed in work-place accidents across all sectors last year. The most common kinds of fatal accidents were falling from a height, being struck by moving vehicle or moving, flying or falling object, coming into contact with moving machinery or being trapped by something collapsing or overturning.

The construction industry was responsible for around a quarter of all fatal accidents last year. But look beyond the headline figures and a different story starts to emerge. The rate of fatal injuries per 100,000 workers for construction was 1.64 between 2017-18 and 2021-22. For waste and recycling, the rate was 4.58 and second only to agriculture, forestry and fishing.

These are uncomfortable truths but they need to be addressed for the sake of our growing industry and the men and women working in it. Our workforce communication and push-to-talk technology can provide a powerful response, in a single app, which is why companies in the waste and recycling sector are turning to Storm.

Our clients can immediately locate and instantly communicate with multiple team members, equip lone workers with body-worn cameras and be alerted to any falls or impacts via man down and SOS features. Storm is state of the art and makes it quick and simple for workforces to track and report unexpected incidents, shortening response time and increasing efficiencies. Clients report improved safety, increased compliance and reduced communications spend.

What’s more, the Storm workforce management solution provides business-critical information to help businesses operate efficiently and improve performance, whilst reducing cost and risk. As well as providing compliance checklists and forms, monitoring time and attendance and creating tasks, the incident reporting solution keeps your workforce and lone workers connected and makes it quicker to track and report unexpected incidents.

Storm is a reseller of technologies developed by Mobile Tornado plc, which are deployed in more than 30 countries worldwide with mobile operators, governments and enterprises in Europe, Africa and the Americas. These are available via specialised rugged handset or smartphone application for Android and iOS operating systems and cellular or WiFi networks.

Our services are considered essential for growth industries including transport, construction, healthcare, utilities, security, logistics and, of course, waste and recycling. Storm will be exhibiting at RWM and Letsrecycle Live, the UK’s leading event for waste, resource and sustainability professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!



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