September 21, 2022

Say goodbye to dropped calls with Storm’s seamless switching

Dropped calls can be frustrating at the best of times. In safety-critical industries, they can be catastrophic. Disrupted communications can also reduce productivity, increase costs and harm working relationships. When time is of the essence, nobody can afford to lose contact with colleagues, especially when they are lone workers.


The UK has made significant progress on mobile coverage and fixed broadband in recent years. This has provided a solid base for the digital transformation of workforce management and the expansion of push-to-talk technologies, which use a combination of cellular and wireless connectivity. But many push-to-talk providers have struggled in handoffs between the two networks, leading to laggy communications and, in worst-case scenarios, dropped calls. As a result, some organisations have been reluctant to make the switch from two-way radios to push-to-talk technology.


New industry testing carried out for Storm has demonstrated the company’s technology delivers best-in-class, seamless switching between mobile and broadband. Further, it enables seamless switching between 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G mobile networks. Test results indicate a delay of less than 300 milliseconds, which is unnoticeable to the human ear. This means organisations in industries where safety is critical can put their faith in a reliable push-to-talk and workforce management system even in the most remote locations. The technology puts Storm at the absolute forefront of the specialist communications sector.


Our clients report improved safety, increased compliance and reduced communications spend after adopting our technologies. They know they can communicate with colleagues – one on one and in groups – in an instant and without interruption, whether they are at a waste recycling centre, aggregates quarry, railway junction or demolition site. When safety is at stake, not to mention productivity, costs, working relationships and communications you can rely on, why take any unnecessary risks?


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