May 5, 2021

Why push-to-talk is important within hospitality

The hospitality industry is a very competitive market with hotels, stadiums, events and restaurants all under pressure to provide rapid first class customer service. Push-to-talk services have given a huge help in hand in improving and providing customers with excellent services allowing businesses to become quicker and more efficient.

Push-to-talk-over-cellular radios (PoC) have contributed in the management of employees as many businesses within industry are able to monitor and keep in regular contact across multiple departments from security, to check out, right through to the main office.

In comparing to a traditional two way radio, larger organisations that require a bigger footprint of radio coverage such as stadiums, golf courses and resorts all require costly repeaters to allow for extended communication reach. Push-to-talk-over-cellular offers a cost effective and flexible connectivity plan allowing for 3G, 4G, 5G and WI-FI to extend communication coverage worldwide.

In hospitality, timing and efficiency is essential. With so many moving parts and factors to consider in providing customers with an excellent experience, employees need more than just voice communication. They need actionable compliance applications to help automate tasks, processes and timings to help improve the productivity, efficiency and communication across all teams.

A few of the most popular features our solution provide to the hospitality industry include:

  • 1-1 or Group Communication
  • Text Messaging and Image/Video Sharing
  • Compliance App – Work Order and Job Assignment
  • Emergency SOS alerts, Man Down
  • Location Tracking


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