April 27, 2021

Push-to-talk communication in construction

Within the construction industry, the market can be very challenging. In order to stay competitive you need to maximise productivity. However this can be very difficult. Construction sites enlist a vast number of challenges and bring fair few knocks, dirt, dust, water and hazardous materials along the way, accompanied by loud noises. Safety and communication is an essential aspect within a fast paced industry. The need for fast effective responses is a requirement in order to ensure the safety of all the operatives on site to improve the productivity and efficiency.

Construction firms that embrace developing technologies, like push-to-talk technology, can gain significant advantages over their competitors. Storm’s market leading technology offers a viable solution to communicate with groups within your team, and individuals allowing you to communicate to a wide range of professionals on site e.g. site managers, contractors and inspectors.

In today’s workplace the vast majority of construction firms ban employees from using mobile phones on site. This enhances the need for rugged push-to-talk devices that allows for quick instant communication with their co-workers. In the unusual event of employees using their smartphones, Storm’s platform can be downloaded on IOS or Android devices enabling them to stay in touch at the push of a button regardless of which device they choose.

Typical challenges overcome by PoC Radios:

  • GPS Mapping and Location Services
  • Ensuring safety of all operatives by offering man down and Emergency SOS feature sets.
  • Geo-fencing – a service that triggers an alarm when a device enters or leaves a set location allowing businesses to monitor shift times and prevent devices from being stolen.
  • Instantly connect with a group or individual with multimedia communication with critical information
  • Command console featuring a wide range of functionality to instantly communicate with several sites whilst receiving emergency alarms and triggers.
  • Improve productivity and coordination of foremen, subcontractors and individual tradespeople of all operatives on site.


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