Planting a tree

March 2, 2022

Planting a tree for every operative added to our workforce management system

Storm will plant a sapling tree for every new operative added to its workforce management system to promote biodiversity and help tackle the climate crisis.


The company’s software enables users to reduce their reliance on manual processes and paper-based timesheets, checklists and reports – with plenty of environmental benefits. Managers can monitor compliance, time and attendance in mobile workforces to ensure operatives are in the right place at the right time, boosting business productivity and potentially saving lives.


Storm has clients from a range of industries including transport, construction, healthcare, utilities, security and logistics. They use the company’s Central Command Console to control a push-to-talk instant communications system for up to 700 operatives per group. Dashboard users have reported improved safety, increased compliance and reduced communications spend since signing up.


Luke Wilkinson, founder and director, said: We strongly believe in the power of our technology to cut wasteful processes and drive up productivity. We want to do our bit to promote biodiversity by planting a sapling tree for every new operative added to our workforce management system. Our pledge has the potential to increase tree cover in our home county of North Yorkshire and contribute in a small but meaningful way to capturing and storing carbon emissions.” 


According to the Woodland Trust, trees are the most powerful weapon in fighting climate change by absorbing atmospheric carbon and locking it up for centuries through the process of photosynthesis. It is estimated that an area of woodland the size of 27 football pitches is lost to deforestation every minute across the world.


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