January 13, 2021

Man Down

What is the Man Down Functionality?


One of the major concerns of any organisation managing remote or lone workers is the safety and insurability to protect them against dangerous situations and urgent alerts. Our tracking and monitoring can aid with that, but what if a situation arises where the worker is unable to send an alert or reach for the device to contact managing staff?

This is where our Automated Alerts come in! The Man Down feature detects any falls or impacts and sends an alert to the Dispatcher. This notifies the user’s state along with a warning (audio and visual notifications) both to the user as well the Command Centre. After a predefined period of time, the user will receive an audio warning and the countdown begins.



When an emergency alert has been triggered, as well as alarming the command centre, it will also notify a nearby user that a Man Down alert has been triggered.

Once the Alert has been approved by the dispatcher, the line of communication is jammed open and the live conversation is recorded and available for further investigation and an alarm report.

For more information please contact us at hello@storm.co.uk

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