February 2, 2021

PoC Devices for Lone Workers

Lone workers exist in a wide range of industries, from a community nurse to a utilities engineer working in the gas, electric or  the oil sectors. With the unfortunate outbreak of Covid-19, we’re seeing more and more people having to lone work as result of social distancing. This highlights the importance of a lone working solution that limits the risk of key workers suffering injuries or accidents with no access to instant emergency alarms to call for help.

Push-Over-Cellular (PoC) offers more than just communication. It offers a critical lifeline when injuries or emergencies occur. Our platform allows fast access to communication and advanced safety features designed to ensure the safety of your lone workers. Some features include:

  • Push-To-Alert: This emergency alarm can alert a control room, other device users or a dedicated group. As soon as the SOS has been triggered, this immediately alerts the command software and jams opens the line of communication for constant flow of communication. Treatment is monitored and recorded for later debriefing.
  • Push-To-Locate: Enables for monitoring and tracking of lone workers and other assets using GPS-enabled devices. This allows for lone workers to be quickly located in cases of emergency.
  • Man Down: This feature is an automated alarm that detects any falls or impacts and sends an alert to the command software. This notifies the user’s state along with a warning (audio and visual notifications) both to the user as well the command console. After a predefined period of time, the user will receive an audio warning and the countdown begins.
  • Geo-Fencing: Allows for setting up perimeters and boundaries within a radius of a point location. Once a user enters or leaves the area the command console will be notified.


Safety is an integral part when investing in a PoC solution when you have remote workers who spend the bulk of their days alone. However, it is far from the only benefit. Other benefits include:

  • More cost effective than mobile phones
  • Transmit text, images, and data
  • Greater security thanks to advanced encryption capabilities
  • Instant access to communication for your entire organisation, groups or certain individuals
  • Compatible with Android, Apple and rugged built devices to withstand wind, rain, and a few tumbles along the way.
  • Affordable monthly services.
  • Nationwide range capabilities
  • Intuitive and easy to use.


Our devices come in all shapes and sizes making them useful for all your employees, from nurses who often require more lightweight devices or workers in the field who require rugged handhelds designed to handle a little rough treatment along the way. There are many accessories available to facilitate fast, discrete communication in various situations.

For more information please get in touch with us at hello@storm.co.uk


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