Storm’s instant communication solutions enhances the safety of security teams by ensuring continuous lines of communication at all times.

Keeping employees connected in the security sector is critical. Our solution enhances the safety of security teams by ensuring the highest levels of communication can be upheld.

Users can connect with each other or with supervisors and supervisors can monitor users and teams.

Our central command centre allows teams to track field base employees wherever they are. This is of high importance for compliance and lone worker regulations.

With emergency SOS alerts, man down functionality and panic buttons fitted on devices, lone workers are able to instantly alert a control room or manager when in danger, and with accurate location reporting, control staff can organise assistance as required. Control rooms can communicate with the user without them needing to activate the device. The control room is then able to contact emergency services or send nearby users to the incident.

Storm also provides patrol check-in and compliance functionality to ensure staff are approved to work, are wearing correct PPE and have checked their patrol site for risks and issues. This rich reporting and compliance checklists add an extra layer of confidence for customers.

Storm is soon to launch body camera technology meaning users will be able to record footage and access it later. Body camera technology has been proven to reduce antisocial behaviour and assaults against staff, further improving employee safety.

Users can either use rugged devices or existing mobile phones.

  • Global connectivity
  • Use virtually any device
  • SOS alerts
  • Real-time connectivity over Cellular & Broadband
  • 99.9% availability
  • High voice quality
  • Location information
  • Initiate group or individual calls
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking