Seamless and real-time text and multimedia push-to-message service

Unlike SMS text messaging, instant push-to-message lets users know who is online and available, ensuring messages are delivered to the right person, at the right time.

Storm instant push-to-message allows users to send messages to others regardless of whether they are using a fixed device or mobile. With integration with Storm instant push-to-talk, Storm instant message enhances the user experience and mitigates the need for multiple devices.

Benefits of instant push-to-message

  • Discreet and private transmission
  • Queue instructions for a worker while they are busy
  • Improves response times
  • Distributes text messages to a workforce simultaneously
  • Eliminates text messaging costs

Features of instant push-to-message

  • Unified voice and text based communication interface
  • Real-time message and delivery interface
  • Reference able record of information
  • Discrete and private transmissions to individuals or groups

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