November 10, 2020

Top five benefits of Push to Talk

Mobile phones are a vital piece of equipment for many businesses and their staff. They play a key role keeping workforces connected at all times and with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the increase in home working, never has it been more important for organisations to have effective lines of communication.

One feature that sometimes goes unnoticed when considering the role mobiles can play in helping to achieve business objectives is Push to Talk. Push to Talk connects employees, at the push of a button, wherever they are in the world. Using a mobile phone or rugged device, Push to Talk improves communication between employees, enhancing productivity and reducing communication costs.

So what are the top five benefits of Push to Talk?

  1. Instant communication – For field or lone workers, keeping up communication is vital. Push to Talk (PTT) connects employees at the push to a button, eliminating delays with missed calls. Not only does this save time and increase productivity, it also increases safety as assistance can be delivered in real-time.
  2. Group communication – Push to Talk enables individual calls but also groups of up to 750 people, meaning communicating with large teams has never been easier. Push to Talk also enables users to see the presence of other users, meaning it’s easy to know when others are available.
  3. Safety – Hands free functionality means employees can communicate with others whilst on the job at hand, such as when operating heavy machinery. SOS alerts also enhances the safety of lone workers as help can be delivered instantaneously.
  4. Cost control – One of the key selling points to PTT is the ability to use virtually any device. If a workforce already has a mobile phone, there is no need to buy additional devices. Alternatively, where working conditions are harsher (think extreme temperatures, dirt, water, dust), businesses might opt for rugged devices and thanks to their durability, instances of damage are minimal. In addition, call costs associated with large numbers of calls and international dial charges are removed.
  5. Worldwide coverage – Push to Talk connects users wherever they are in the world, even in remote locations where mobile phone signal is limited. What’s more, with superior sound quality, and with features that remove background noise, calls have never been clearer.

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