Man down

Storm’s man down functionality means managing a remote workforce just got easier.

The man down feature detects any falls or impacts and sends an alert to the dispatcher. The alert can include both audio and visual notifications.

After a predefined period, the user will receive an audio warning and the countdown begins. If the user does not stop the countdown, an alert is sent to the dispatch console. On receiving the alert the dispatcher takes necessary actions and sends assistance to the initiator. When an emergency alert has been triggered, as well as alarming the dispatch console, it will also notify a nearby user that a man down alert has been triggered.

Once the alert has been approved by the dispatcher, the line of communication is open and the live conversation is recorded and available for further investigation.

Benefits of Storm’s man down solution

  • Ensures the safety of staff and lone workers
  • Instant response times
  • Listening and recording capabilities
  • Peace of mind in challenging situations
  • Audit trail of events

Features of Storm’s man down solution

  • Real-time SOS alert system
  • High voice quality
  • Discrete transmission to individuals or groups
  • Location information

Case study: Read how Storm has equipped demolition company, Hookstone Group with instant voice and man down technology to increase the safety of lone workers.

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