A virtual perimeter for a real world geographic area

Geo-fencing is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographic area. The Storm geo-fencing solution is a predefined set of perimeters that is set through the mapping system on the dispatch console.

When a user breaches the pre-defined perimeter, it will send an alert back to the command console. Triangulation positioning technology and GPS means that managers can make real time decisions, and meet their business compliance regulations for employee safety.

Benefits of geo-fencing technology

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking
  • Make informed decisions
  • Reduces unnecessary journeys
  • Reach the right employees at the right place at the right time
  • Meets business compliance regulations

Features of geo-fencing technology

  • Live alerts when users leave or enter a perimeter
  • Location data collection
  • Exportable alerts time and location report
  • Live coordinate logging of breaches

Case study: Read how Storm has equipped Wordsworth Excavations, with instant voice and locate technology to increase efficiency in the management of large scale and complex projects.

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