April 13, 2021

Why choose push-to-talk over cellular for logistics and transportation

When transporting aggregates or dealing with high-risk goods, communication must be reliable, dynamic and real-time for operatives, drivers, and command controllers. Typically found within the industry, companies rely on existing LMR systems which limits communication and lacks in feature sets to ensure safety and productivity.
A Push-to-Talk over cellular (PTToC) solution allows for tracking, versatile communication, geo-based calls and emergency alerts making it a much better equipped solution. Five major benefits of PTToC for haulage and transport businesses include:

  • A reliable communication network ensuring day-to-day operations are run in an efficient and timely manner. It is also a vital tool to alert staff in the event of an incident and in organising a response to any emergency situation.
  • Compatible with several truck mounted devices and accessories making it a much safer user experience as appose to operatives using their mobile phones.
  • Affordable communications solution compared to standard PMR systems. Connectivity is as simple as a deal with a mobile network provider. Network sim cards PoC devices use existing 4G mobile network infrastructure. They don’t require large infrastructure or network management costs as they would with a PMR system
  • Technology applies to a wide range of industries in logistics and security staff working in distribution centres, warehouses and factories, as well as in ports, airports and other transportation hubs. It will also be attractive to commercial hauliers moving freight and goods about the country and on to international destinations
  • Wide range of connectivity options from, 3G 4G 5G LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Full nationwide coverage is one of the main advantages over normal cellular mobile phones used by consumers. As everyone knows, mobile phones are restricted to individual, one-to-one voice calls.

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