Incident reporting

The Storm automated workforce management (WFM) solution makes it quick and simple for your workforce to track and report unexpected incidents, shortening response time and increasing efficiencies.

Being able to compile reports on a mobile device means that they can be completed faster than paper reports which often can’t be completed until members of the workforce return to their work station. This enables you to make informed decisions and take the necessary actions in a timely manner based on the information in the report.

By setting up customised incident reporting forms and templates, you can ensure that incident reporting protocols are followed and that your workforce provides accurate details and the required information for each incident.

You create and customise the reporting template and incident reporting forms to suit your needs so they include the information you require, including timestamps, GPS location, preconfigured site locations, and details of required supporting images, audio notes and QR codes.

The incident reporting solution helps your workforce stay connected and promotes greater collaboration when the unexpected occurs.