Storm Wi-Fi Solution

Permanent, temporary or extending existing network coverage.

Storm can provide network coverage anywhere in the UK. We are specialists in providing connectivity solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether you’re in a remote location, need a temporary solution or simply want to extend your existing network coverage. We at Storm with over vast wealth of experience can provide you with a solution that works.

Our temporary or fixed Wi-Fi allows comprehensive coverage of your site that all devices can connect to.


  • Coverage – a 4G Router on a data sim can be implemented to support up to 25-30m of coverage. Additional aerials can be fitted to increase coverage distance.
  • Extended Coverage – Storm’s patented industrial, exterior access points can offer un paralleled coverage (up to 500m), suitable for large locations such as factories, depots etc.
  • Strong Reliable Connectivity – We use utilise an existing connection or the 4G/5G LTE network, ensuring strong and reliable coverage across the site.
  • Portable – can be easily transferred to another site.