Body Camera

A game-changing solution from Storm to help keep your workforce safe

The LTE-enabled Hytera VM780 PTT body camera converges with push-to-talk technology and seamlessly integrates with the Storm platform. By consolidating multiple devices into just one you can save money and make life easier for the user.

The camera is small and light, and supports a range of features, including full HD video quality, night vision and integration with wearable equipment.

It enables users to capture and record everything that happens in the work place, including during incidents, and then share live videos, photos, and audio recordings with the command centre over 4G network.

Users can capture clear videos, even in low light conditions as well as full-colour, detailed HD images. A built-in Micro Gimbal Stabilization gives better anti-shake performance.

The device has a docking station which allows for easy upload and data collection, enabling users to feel confident about storing and sharing information.

The Hytera body camera supports the review of evidence in the event of a recorded incident and it is a superb addition to Storm’s range of devices.